A CNC Working Center is used for the production of complex structures made out of solid materials.

It is mainly used for metalworking and woodworking.

CNC Working Centers can be effectively implemented for the mass production of complex components. Products that would take days for someone to create manually can be produced in just minutes using a CNC Working Centers. Just like with all mass produced products, those manufactured with a CNC Working Center can be created to the desired output level and with continuous high quality. However, the appropriate level of maintenance and supervision is required.

Working with a CNC Working Centers

CNC Working Centers are one of the most complicated machines that can be installed for production. During mass production, components only need to be loaded and unloaded manually. However, if the machine is wrongly handled, it could very quickly lead to expensive damages to the workpiece. Therefore, only qualified cutting machine operators should operate these complex machines. This is particularly important for the maintenance, installation and cleaning of a CNC Working Centers. It is important to have continual quality control for all mass produced products. Even when processing wood, it is possible that damages could occur on the carbide tools. Through periodic sampling, loss in quality can be prevented.

Buying a CNC Working Center

CNC Working Centers require a lot of maintenance due to their complexity. Therefore, it is necessary to have complete documentation, including a regular maintenance schedule. It is recommended to undertake a test run with a relatively complicated shaped component before buying a used machine. It is possible to buy a used CNC Working Centers on the market for a fraction of the price of a new one. However, if buying a used machine, a basic check is highly recommended before buying it.