Sofit S.r.l. – Macchine lavorazione legno

Via Savigliano, 29 – 12062 Roreto di Cherasco (CN) – Italy
Ph. +39 0172 495300 – fax +39 0172 495110
P.IVA 00920570041

Taking the High-Way Torino-Savona (A6) exit Marene-Cherasco. Then enter in the National Road No. 662 taking direction Alba-Bra. Sofit’s headquarters are in Roreto, at 4 Km far from the highway’s exit, on your right.

Taking the High-Way Piacenza-Torino (A21) exit Asti-Est. Then follow the Motorway to Cuneo direction, up to Alba. Then follow the National Road to Bra and then to Savigliano. Sofit’s headquarters are in Roreto di Cherasco.

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